allows you to play this well known French card game alone with a partner and against two challengers, all three of them simulated par the iPhone.
Top quality graphisms and realistic animations/sound effects

3 game modes are proposed:
  • - Simple Belote without announcements
  • - Simple Belote with announcements
  • - Belote « Coinchée »
The optimized display uses the complete screen surface of the iPhone, offering very legible cards and their easy selection.
The game is automatically saved in case of break (phone call, application exit by the player). At the next launch of the application, the game will propose to restart the party where it was stopped.
The game speed and the point count in real time during the round can also be adjusted.
Cards can be manually shuffled like in real card games, by simply holding the iPhone/iPod on the edge during distribution!
Last trick can also be displayed again.
Players can be personalized.
Game in French.

We wish you thrilling Belote tournaments!

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